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Friday random ten: Unconventional love songs

Chad Orzel last weekend gave a list of “songs about love or people in love, but not quite the sort of thing you should expect to hear as the first dance at a wedding any time soon”. I figured I … Continue reading

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Local food

One of the more interesting results from this year’s Houston Area Survey was the attitude expressed about locally grown food. From a Houston Tomorrow press release: An overwhelming majority of Houstonians feel that it is important to be able to … Continue reading

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Gay divorce lawsuit update

It’s all a little surreal. A man seeking to end his same-sex marriage in Dallas County is arguing an ironic point in a state that doesn’t recognize his nuptials: Grant the divorce and there will be one less gay marriage … Continue reading

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Who’s using electronic textbooks?

According to this DMN story, the electronic textbook revolution hasn’t exactly taken hold just yet, at least not in the Metroplex. The [Texas Education Agency] has budgeted more than $800 million for textbooks in 2010-11, but it’s not clear how … Continue reading

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Filling the void

I’ve heard a number of reasons why we “need” video lottery terminals at horse racing tracks, but this one, espoused by Texas Racing Commission Chair Rolando Pablos, may be the most entertaining. Though he does not gamble, Pablos studied gaming … Continue reading

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