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MayorBob on water rates

Former Mayor Bob Lanier has an op-ed in today’s paper in support of Mayor Parker’s proposed water rate hike. I believe Mayor Parker will work with council members, homeowner associations and the Houston Apartment Association to develop a plan that … Continue reading

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Weekend link dump for April 18

Boy, when even these guys don’t want anything to do with you… Some people are well qualified to judge who is a feminist icon and who isn’t. Some are not. We really could make doing taxes a lot easier for … Continue reading

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One more reason why you should have filled out your Census form

From the Texas Legislative Council’s 2010 Redistricting report, on page 9: Although the total state populations for the [Census Bureau] 2009 estimate (24,782,302) and the [State Data Center] 2010 projection (24,330,612) are close, and the ideal house district populations for … Continue reading

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One last time for the Dome and the Dynamo

I suppose now that the Dynamo have finally gotten an official commitment from all relevant parties to go forward with their downtown stadium idea that it was inevitable the question of why didn’t they just use the Astrodome came up … Continue reading

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Firing Frank

Mayor Annise Parker has said she wants the new Metro board to fire Frank Wilson, the agency’s CEO. So why hasn’t that happened yet? There are a couple of complicating factors. Among them are uncertainty about the outcome of two … Continue reading

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We’ve done well, but we can still do better

The defeat of wingnut candidate Brian Russell, who was backed by departing SBOE member Cynthia Dunbar to succeed her, in the GOP runoff this week is unquestionably good news that will help de-loonify that dysfunctional body. I’m as glad as … Continue reading

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