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Gay-baiting in the HD76 runoff

I had not paid much attention to the Democratic primary runoff in El Paso’s HD76, which is the only Democratic legislative runoff on the ballot. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other about the incumbent, Rep. … Continue reading

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Population and voting trends: 2002 and 2006 judicial elections, Part I

For the next entry in this series, we’re going to look at how county returns changed from 2002 to 2006 in statewide judicial races in Texas. Again, I’m using judicial races here because they tend to reflect straight partisan preference … Continue reading

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Runoff endorsement watch: Reiteration

The Chron makes their recommendations for the primary runoffs: Democratic runoff District judge, 234th Judicial District: Tanner Garth District judge, 270th Judicial District: Lee Arellano Family district judge, 308th Judicial District: Bruce Kessler Family district judge, 311th Judicial District: Brad … Continue reading

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More arguing over health care costs

There are many things to say about this. The debate over how much federal health care reform will cost Texas put the state‚Äôs health and human services chief on the defensive on Wednesday, as he presented a budget estimate to … Continue reading

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Parking review coming

This ought to be interesting. The Department of Planning and Development has scheduled three community meetings in April to hear ideas about possible changes in the city’s parking ordinance, which has been modified only slightly since it was adopted in … Continue reading

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